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When power meets usability =

Sell online with

Professional managed online selling platform make free for you and welcome to the new era of eCommerce, "Now everyone can sell online !"

Free platform

We build the platform for free, to allow all the people to sell online , with professional managed shopping cart and all others shipping and payment gateway integrated.

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Customizable Interface

We build in the Content Management System (CMS) to allow user to customize their own online store, start to build your own branding with our free solution.

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Helpful tools

We will develop some helpful tools and solutions for our user to purchase, and the tools and solutions will be charged based on a minimum amount in order to provide user conviniency and smooth transaction.

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We make Dreams became reality.

We developed the eCommerce solution for everyone to use so that everyone can have the chance to get in touch with the proper eCommerce solution. We provide the professional eCommerce platform such as shopping cart, shipping module and also the payment gateway integration. We put our dreams into action and now it became reality, free eCommerce solution for everyone.

Why with us

We looking for better ways to do things, we are creative and our objective is to help people to sell online easily.

Professional eCommerce solution for free

We provide easy configuration, customizable interface and with all the necessary plug-in integrated, and the best part is , it's FREE

Fully customizable interface

With our build-in Content Management System (CMS), user can start to customize their online store based on their needs, start to build your branding today with "0" cost

With handy supporting tools

We will provide handy supporting tools from time to time to let our user to manage and control thier business efficiently with the minimum charges.

Built around your suggestions

All the comments and requests from our user will be take into consideration, those agreeable enhancement will be implemented accordingly.

We are 100% involved

From scratch until the completion of the system, we are 100% involved and fully developed by our team, we don't do outsource we are the development team for this platform !

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We never give up

We startup as a team about 15 years ago, with our passion and love into what we are doing, this is our life career, we will never give up, it will become better and better - from a group of techies

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Our Target : to be trusted by over 10,000 clients

We start to provide the managed professional eCommerce solution to the public, wishing that we can achieve 10,000 client in the near future, let's our dream start now, with your support there will be a +1 in our counter.

What our customers say

Start selling now with customizable and modern looking websites in no time to generate the order!

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Oon Huat Restaurant

We are traditional chinese restaurant, never know that one day we also can go online and start selling online!

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La'Frais Organic

We are an organic farm operator, with the free professional eCommerce solution support, we finally go online.

About the dollars and cents

We'll make sure we build everything you need from now on

We split our products into Solution and Tools : -
Solution : Our eCommerce solution it will be provided as a free platform for user to conduct online selling and others.
Tools : All the Tools will be provided as a handy tools for user to manage their business efficiently with minimum charges, all the tools are optional depends on the user's needs.

Things & features of our platform

Our eCommerce solution platform comes with all the standard industrial requirement including the followings...

Latest technology

Our platform is built on the current latest technogy including all the component & library.

With easy manage CMS

Our eCommerce solution come with Content Management System (CMS) with allow user to customize easyly

With shipping module

User can customize their shipping method and provide the right shipping service to their customer.

With payment method

With the payment method integrated, user can provide the conveniency to the customer in order to make the payment.

Banner and product highlight

Our eCommerce solution come with the banner management and also have the machanism to promote or highlight a product.

Tools integrated

More functionality tools and plugins will be provided to integrated with the eCommerce solution.

Business branding

We provide the eCommerce solution is to highlight on individual store or business, it provide the facilities for business branding purposes.

Systematic products management

Easy and systematic product organization structure provided.

Order management system

When sell online, user can easily manage their order based on the order management system provided.

Discount function available

Advance user can utilized the discount module come with the powerful discount rules for marketing purpose planning.

Sales report

With the ready of sales report, user can easily manage and monitor their current business activities.

Is a managed solution

Our eCommerce solution platform is a free platform but it come with professional managed service, we are here to back you up!