About us

Our story start from year 2005, a group of young guys met each others, all sharing the same passion and vision in the Information Technology. Since then we worked as a software developer we develop solutions for our clients, and now finally we have our own product (Shopbear) to roll out, we see that the era of Information Technology is unavoidable, a lot of people they do have great ideas, great products and great services to provide, just that they don't find a good solution for them to sell online easily. Here we are, we provide free service and solution for all the people who have great stuff to offer, we wish to provide this good service and free platform to the market, and hopefully by then we are matured enough to provide better services for our members and gangs !

Our company

Dare to live a magical life.

We like to dream, our mission in Information Technology never ends, we faced challenges, but we will be back!

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Our Specialty

We focus in our specialty as a online solutions provideer for more than 15 years, we are system architect, we are programmer, we are one team

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We build, we manage, and we do R&D, all the software that we build is from scratch, everything is possible!

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Mission & Vision

To become the sustainable IT solutions provider in the market and do the things that we love.

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